Announcement: Mark’s Letter to the GOP Grassroots

To everyone across America who supported our campaign:

For the past three weeks, we embarked on a journey together that was revolutionary in approach, all the while knowing the ultimate results remained uncertain. Together, never wavering, we stood fast and carried on when others suggested we withdraw, retreat and fall in line. Standing strong, we organized our campaign across America doing what needed to be done – writing, emailing, and calling our RNC members, respectfully asking for their support. To accomplish our tasks, we used social media, talk radio, videos, television, and personal relationships in the most efficient and effective manner. Moving forward, I truly believe our approach in 2013 will become the gold standard for future RNC chair campaigns.

To recap, our campaign was one of principle that could not be shaken. We understand that there are serious issues the RNC needs to address as soon as possible if we are to win in 2014 and beyond. Furthermore, we know instinctively that these issues cannot be solved with larger donations and fundraisers. These issues have emerged from the convention and election results of 2012 and from what I am hearing, many RNC members understand and agree our concerns have merit. They know the rules need to be changed – so much that this issue is now front and center for our April 2013 meeting.

More than this, the message of a decentralized RNC with competitive bidding and superior technology took off this past week as well, entering into the RNC vernacular like never before. It was very encouraging to hear our concerns and the term “grassroots” being discussed by members of the RNC in formal meetings and sidebar conversations in the hallways.

At this point, please allow me to recognize some key Patriots who worked so hard in this effort:

Let’s begin in North Carolina. I would like to say thank you to everyone, but particularly Chuck Suter and Nicole Revels. As I’ve said before, you guys are the best. I also would like to thank Tim, Sean, Mike Wallace, David Lewis and anyone else from NC that I may have forgotten. I’ve met so many great people from NC this week, you guys have it going on in NC, can’t wait to get an excuse to come back.

For my friends in Texas, what can I say other than if I wore a cowboy hat, I would tip it to all of you. Thank you for driving up to NC for supporting our effort. Texans who deserve particular praise are Jeremy Blosser, Teryn Driver, Amy Hedtke and Jeff Larson.

Other friends across America who I would like to mention are: Joey and Aaron in California, Doug and Trucker Randy in Michigan, Antonio in Ohio and Christian in Idaho. Thanks again guys, I know you did everything you could to help as well as anyone I failed to mention.

Lastly, here in Maine, I would like to recognize four individuals who were the backbone of this campaign. First, I would like to recognize my campaign manager Bryan Daugherty and Michelle Anderson for their tireless work. Bryan and Michelle are the epitome of it what it means to be a grassroots Republican. I cannot thank both of you enough. Second, I want you all to know that none of this would have been possible without the love, support and guidance of my wife, Violet. Violet was supportive of this entire effort from the very beginning, covered my back when necessary and took care of all of the moving parts behind the scenes that you’ll never hear about. Lastly, I want all of you to know how Ashley Ryan, Maine’s National Committeewoman never wavered in her support of my campaign and demonstrated true courage when she stood with me as the votes were taken.

In conclusion, I say that at this point it is time we now need to give the RNC leadership a chance to digest the information we have provided. We need to give them some space and allow them the opportunity to work with us in a partnership under the Republican banner where respect is provided both ways. Mr. Priebus has let us know that he would like to work with us and welcome us to the Party, ensuring we don’t leave but instead help make the Republican Party stronger. He felt the sting of our rebuke and now it is time to help the RNC point the compass in the right direction with the proper balance of positive pressure to ensure the necessary results. I truly hope that we will reach a point where we will be able to turn our superior talent and energy into electoral victories.

Lastly, I don’t know what to say except thank you to everyone who did what they could to help this campaign move a few mountains in a short period of time and with that I say to all who may read this statement: let it be known that we truly believe in everything we said and did and I know that like you, I would do it all over again.

May God bless all of you across our great nation,

Mark Willis

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